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Tuesday, August 3, 11 AM - NOON

This workshop will cover California’s decarbonization goals, common electrification opportunities that apply to most SMB customers, customer specific building electrification measures and financial metrics associated with these opportunities.  Attendees will understand their role in decarbonization and actions they can use in their businesses.

Thursday, August 26, Noon - 1 PM

COVID-19 has changed our lives and it will create a “new normal” for the foreseeable future. This presentation will provide an overview of various light-based disinfection technologies (UV and visible) with a comparative focus on efficacy, safety, total cost of ownership, environmental impacts and operational considerations. Further discussion will be provided for both continuous and episodic disinfection. Publicly available clinical data (including CoV-2) and applicable safety standards will be reviewed to give lighting professionals evidence-based guidance on how to select and apply various light-based disinfection technologies.  

Thursday, September 9, Noon - 1PM

This presentation will teach us how to approach a Zero Net Energy project and achieve measurable results through concepts and specific design strategies.  Establishing an Energy use Intensity (EUI) baseline and target for buildings, applying low/no cost passive design strategies and integrate energy efficient technologies, incorporating renewable energy and measuring the return on investment.  

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