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Wednesday, July 14, 10 - 11:30 AM

This presentation will address the various design/construction strategies needed to prepare buildings for the challenging future ahead and provide hopeful demonstration of successful examples in Sacramento and beyond.

Wednesday, July 21, Noon - 1 PM

This presentation explains Building Performance Simulation (BPS) and its role in reducing buildings’ carbon footprint and operation costs. It explains six steps towards an integrative design process, where BPS is used to create an energy-efficient and healthy building:  Early Investigation, Evaluation and Comparison, Energy Efficiency Measures, Ensure Comfort, Extend Detailed Simulation, Measurement and Verification.


Building performance analysis tools, their pros and cons are described in this presentation. Data is presented by storytelling, demonstrating case studies of high-performance buildings with stringent energy reduction goals. Case studies cover early-stage design analysis, such as passive design strategies, façade optimization, and parametric analysis as well as detailed design energy analysis.

Tuesday, August 3, 11 AM - NOON

This workshop will cover California’s decarbonization goals, common electrification opportunities that apply to most SMB customers, customer specific building electrification measures and financial metrics associated with these opportunities.  Attendees will understand their role in decarbonization and actions they can use in their businesses.

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