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Tuesday, May 24, 10 - 11 AM

This workshop offers a practical perspective on what the new Title 24 Standards mean to you and your clients, from the perspective of consulting engineers working daily to implement these standards in communities throughout the Sacramento region. We’ll discuss what decarbonization is and how it’s incorporated into the new code and what a current building will look like with the new measures. We’ll also focus on solar photovoltaics and battery storage systems.

Thursday, June 2, 10 - 11:30 AM

Commercial induction technology has evolved and improved significantly. The commercial foodservice industry is beginning to adopt induction for many critical cooking and holding tasks. This class introduces the larger ranges, wok ranges and induction holding technologies that apply in full-sized and high-production commercial kitchens. The class will include a live demonstration and will share the basics of induction and demonstrate how induction technologies save money and increase performance. Available SMUD rebates will also be covered.

Thursday, June 8, 9 - 11 AM

This class is structured around key concerns for successful lighting retrofits. We'll review current retrofit options (new luminaires, retrofit kits and lamp replacements) and how those options compare to conventional light sources. Our discussion will highlight key recommendations from the Illuminating Engineering Society’s publication LP-9-20, “Upgrading Lighting Systems in Commercial and Institutional Spaces”. We’ll also identify potential stumbling blocks that owners, designers and implementers may encounter and how to identify and resolve these issues.

Note: All classes are free, but registration is required.

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