All-electric smart home builder incentives

Homebuilders who participate in our All-Electric Smart Home program receive the following financial incentives for all-electric single family and multifamily homes. 

Incentive amounts are determined by the incentive rate in the year in which the home is completed and the Builder submits an Incentive Request Form or the incentive rate in the year the Builder submits an Incentive Request Form.

2022 Standard incentive Induction cooking appliance bonus Level II EV Charger  Total possible incentives

(per home)

$4,000 $500  $400 $4,900

(per home)

$2,000 $250  $400 $2,650

Minimum participation requirements include the following:

  • All-electric appliances and mechanical systems
  • No gas line in the home
  • No gas service at the property

In partnership with SMUD, TRC is implementing the program on behalf of SMUD. TRC will process and review all projects. Please submit the following to your TRC representative:

  1. A completed, All-Electric Smart Homes application at the start of the project
  2.  Small developments application             
     Large developments application
  3. Title 24 Certificate of Compliance authored and signed by a 2016 Title 24 code CEA (Certified Energy Analyst)
    Note: Projects may require a copy of the final Title 24 CF-1R for each plan type

  4. The electronic input file for the correct version of the Title 24 energy compliance software for each model as constructed
  5. A complete set of construction plans including:
    • Architectural plans with floor plans, elevations and sections
    • Subdivision lot map with North arrow for production home projects or a site plan with North arrow for custom homes
    • A copy of the tract map (tentative or recorded) and construction schedule with phases, lots and addresses
  6. W-9 Form
  7. Equipment and materials documentation may be requested

SMUD may provide design assistance within reason for viable projects. We will not provide funding for Title 24 documentation authors to reconstruct models or plans in the event of needed corrections.

Upon completion of submittal review, TRC will provide you with a letter of acceptance and Incentive Request Form (IRF).

Next steps

Once you receive written approval from SMUD and construction has begun:

  1. Ensure all applicable CF-2R forms are uploaded to the chosen HERS Registry for each home
  2. If applicable, obtain the appropriate CF-3R HERS rating certificates for each home
  3. Keep TRC informed of any changes in equipment or building envelope that would impact energy performance; changes made without notification may forfeit incentive payment

Get builder incentive info
For more information, download the program manual.

For questions, contact Allison Wittwer at or 1-866-352-7457 or

How to apply

To apply, download and complete the appropriate application and mail to:

Attn: Mayra Vega
10680 White Rock Rd., Ste.1000
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Small developments application     Large developments application