Commercial SolarShares

Our SolarShares program is currently fully subscribed.

SMUD’s SolarShares program offers your business a solar solution that is cost effective, flexible and easy. With no upfront or maintenance costs, we manage a solar array on your behalf while the solar benefits are delivered to you. No installation of solar panels on your roof and if your business relocates, SolarShares moves with you.

For developers and home builders

SMUD’s Neighborhood SolarShares program allows you to purchase utility scale solar from SMUD to meet the solar mandate from the 2019 California Building Standards Code (effective January 1st, 2020) for all new low-rise residential buildings. This innovative program offers the benefits of utility scale SMUD operated solar PV with enhanced benefits to the developer and end customer.

To start the contracting process, builders and developers can contact or visit our Design and Construction Services page.