Understanding your bill

To make it easy for you to read and understand your bill, we've created graphics to better explain your energy usage and charges.

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Watch a short video explanation of our bill or click on the numbered areas below to learn more about that area.

As a solar customer, your electricity bill differs from our standard electricity bill. Solar customers are billed monthly and placed on a 12-month settlement cycle. You can elect to pay for your electricity usage once a year or on a monthly basis. Depending on which option you select, your bill will look different.

In Bill Sample 1 – To pay your electricity usage once a year (non-electric charges), the bill shows the current balance for electricity charges and credits, excluding any payments made. At the bottom of the bill, the highlighted line is what should be paid to cover this month's non-electric service charges.



In Bill Sample 2 – To pay your electricity usage monthly, the highlighted line below shows what should be paid to cover all monthly charges, including electricity.