Skilled crafts

We offer challenging and rewarding skilled crafts positions in a variety of fields, from entry/apprentice levels through journey, senior and foreman levels.

We've been training some of the country's best utility workers for over 50 years. Our first-rate training center and industry-recognized courses make us the premier utility training school in the western United States. Learn more about Sacramento Power Academy.

Facility Stationary Engineer Apprentice  

Assists with and learns skilled mechanical/electrical systems repair and maintenance of buildings, garages, warehouses, substation and other district facilities such as HVAC/Refrigeration, Electrical/Mechanical, Carpentry/Painting and Civil Maintenance.

Qualifications: Basic math and algebra

Salary: $27.62-$40.39/hour

Hiring process: Written exam

Cable Splicer/Electrician Apprentice

Learns to perform work in the installation, maintenance, repair, and removal of underground cables and other underground electrical equipment. Splices all types of underground cables within a full range of voltages, including but not limited to fiber optic, communication, and low and high voltage power distribution cables.

Qualifications: Mathematics, including algebra and trigonometry functions, and basic electrical terminology and theory

Salary: $35.06-$51.21/hour

Hiring process: Written exam

Electrician Apprentice

Learns and assists in performing skilled mechanical and electrical work in and about electric substations, underground systems, and power generating plants.

Qualifications: Mathematics, including algebra and trigonometry functions, and basic electrical terminology and theory

Salary: $33.78-$49.36/hour

Hiring process: Written exam

Heavy Duty Equipment Operator Apprentice

Operates diesel or gasoline powered construction and road maintenance equipment on a large variety of work; makes running repairs and adjustments to equipment; and does general maintenance work during periods when equipment operation is not required.

Qualifications: Safety laws, regulations and practices

Salary: $30.98-$45.27/hour

Hiring process: Performance exam

Lineman/Linewoman Apprentice

Learns to perform work at the journey level in the installation, maintenance, and repair of distribution electrical systems including the hazards of working at elevations above ground, in trenches and vaults, as well as around and with energized equipment.

Qualifications: Basic math to determine cable lengths, calculate voltage, current and resistance in electrical circuits

Salary: $36.87-$53.88/hour

Hiring process: Written and performance exam

Maintenance Carpenter Apprentice

Assists with and learns to perform a wide range of skilled and semi-skilled maintenance and fabrication work associated with SMUD's building and auxiliary facilities including those requiring specialized skills in woodworking and cabinet making.

Qualifications: Will gain knowledge of basic carpentry principles, methods, materials and tools required to make repairs to buildings and structures involving carpentry, cabinet making and painting.

Salary: $27.16-$39.71/hour

Hiring process: Performance exam

Vehicle Mechanic Apprentice

Assists and learns to diagnose and repair SMUD vehicles and equipment. Performs maintenance and repair work on automotive equipment, trucks, construction equipment, and other special equipment.

Qualifications: Will gain knowledge of standard practices, methods, materials, tools and equipment used to repair and overhaul gas and diesel engines, vehicle components and related equipment including basic hydraulics and safe working procedures.

Salary: $26.58-$38.75/hour

Hiring process: Performance exam

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