​Upper American River Project: stream flow and reservoir conditions

SMUD owns and operates the Upper American River Project (UARP), located on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. The UARP lies within El Dorado and Sacramento counties, primarily within lands of the Eldorado National Forest. The project is a large hydroelectric development composed of several reservoirs and powerhouses located along streams and rivers within the American River basin. Recreational facilities have been developed around the Project storage reservoirs, mostly in an area commonly referred to as the Crystal Basin Recreation Area.

2024 Recreation Streamflow Schedule

Review the hydro relicensing compliance information in support of our 50-year license to operate the UARP.

We’re making improvements

Over the next few years, many of the Crystal Basin Recreational Areas will be upgraded with new features for your enjoyment. However, the work will require some sites to be partially or completely closed during renovations. Please view the closure map for a schedule and information to help with your planning.

View the latest recorded stream flows and reservoir elevations



Disclaimer: Neither SMUD nor PG&E assumes any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information on this site. The information consists of estimates of stream flows and reservoir levels. Actual stream flows and reservoir levels may vary significantly from the estimates provided. Many factors affect flows and reservoir levels, including weather, snowmelt runoff, and the operating requirements of the hydro project. Reservoir and river recreation can be hazardous. Recreationists have the sole responsibility to determine whether conditions are safe to enter the water, and they thereby assume full risk of serious bodily injury.


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