Upcoming classes

Our classes put you in control of your energy bill and keep you up to date on the latest technologies. See our full list of upcoming classes.

Tuesday, February 25, 9 AM - noon

Gain a deeper understanding of designing ceiling fans for commercial buildings, including context and benefits of air movement, install costs and more.

Thursday, March 12, Noon - 1 PM

This quick lunchtime workshop will give designers fluency in LED lighting technology through demonstration of LED products across applications.

Additional resources

To schedule a custom business presentation or to speak to an energy expert, contact us at 1-916-732-6738 or email etcmail@smud.org

Custom business presentations 

Would you like to have SMUD come out and speak to your employees about new technologies, connected devices and how to save energy both at work and at home? The Energy Education & Technology Center will come out and speak to groups of 20 people or more.

Ask energy experts 

Do you have questions about green and zero energy building? Emerging energy or solar technologies? HVAC, lighting or solar for your business? Speak one-on-one with an energy expert.