Infusion Factory success story: Greenergy® Program

“I want to make sure that my kids have a beautiful California to live in tomorrow, like we do

 Man holding award for green business practices.
Infusion Factory CEO & Founder Landon Long displays his Greenergy participation plaque.


Landon Long, founder and CEO of Infusion Factory, a manufacturer and packager of cannabis products, explains why he signed up for SMUD’s renewable energy program, Greenergy, as soon as he opened his doors for business.

“SMUD’s Greenergy program was a no-brainer with regards to my ethos on safeguarding the environment.”

Long says SMUD’s overall commitment to its customers was one of the reasons he decided to relocate his corporate headquarters from the East Bay to Sacramento in 2018.

“We were looking at the access to customers, availability of affordable housing and the political support of local government agencies. But SMUD’s pricing, level of engagement and overall friendliness was another major part of that consideration.

SMUD made sure we were aware of all the programs and services that are available, including participation in the Greenergy program. And we wouldn’t have known about any of that without SMUD proactively reaching out to us.”

 Handful of cannabis-infused gummies.
Multi-colored gummies are sprinkled with sugar before packaging.

The Infusion Factory is a unique operation in Sacramento’s growing cannabis industry. “As far as we can tell, we’re the only ‘brand-agnostic’ contract manufacturer out there, which means that we don’t have any of our own brands in market”, Long noted. “We don’t compete against our customers, we just provide services. We’re like the Switzerland of manufacturing”.

Infusion Factory has four major service categories. The first is “kitchen craft”, which is making cannabis-infused gummies, chocolates and hard candies. The second is commodities, such as filling oil cartridges and portioning out flower. The third area is lab services for producing topicals, tinctures, tablets, capsule and other blended pharmacological products. The fourth is packaging for the other three.

“I want to make sure this facility operates as energy efficiently as possible”, Long pointed out. “The minimization of our impact on the neighborhood that surrounds us and the power grid is one of our primary drivers. And even with the green energy offset, our power costs relatively the same.

We work with a lot of large brands and multinational companies that are exploring the cannabis space in California,” Long continued. “That’s why having the Greenergy offset for our entire facility is just amazing, because as a business owner who is legitimately trying to change external perspectives about cannabis, I can impact my customers by pointing out the benefits of living green and having a green facility.”

 Long says signing up for SMUD’s Greenergy program was extremely easy. “As soon as I became aware of it, I was on the phone with my rep to have the paperwork drawn up; no hesitation. All businesses should consider it. I think they’ll see the benefits beyond just the power bill.” 

Looking for a green energy program for your business?

Join businesses like yours who have chosen SMUD’s Greenergy®. Offset your electric use with renewable resources for an additional fee based on your usage and be recognized for your commitment to the environment.

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