For Immediate Release: July 31, 2023

SMUD named nation's most sustainable utility in 2023 J.D. Power index

Trailblazing toward inclusive clean energy future

SMUD ranked first in the 2023 J.D. Power Sustainability Index, a comprehensive evaluation of the nation’s largest electric utilities’ customer awareness, engagement and advocacy related to their local climate sustainability programs and goals.

Drawing from established J.D. Power customer satisfaction and environmental metrics, the index includes 35 of the largest U.S. electric utility companies with 500,000 or more residential customers, serving as an industry benchmark to assess the utility's standing as a climate leader.

"SMUD is setting the standard for environmental leadership and utility service excellence," said CEO and General Manager Paul Lau. "SMUD is taking sustainability to the next level with our industry-leading goal to remove all carbon emissions from our power supply by 2030. We’re delivering on that goal in a way that maintains reliability, keeps rates low, enhances our electric programs and services, and benefits our diverse communities. As we responsibly progress toward a clean energy future, SMUD is unwavering in our commitment to world-class reliability and continuing to keep SMUD’s rates among California’s lowest. This recognition underscores our decades-long commitment to environmental leadership and innovation, which continues to power the Sacramento region forward."

SMUD is completely transforming the Sacramento region’s power supply and supporting electrification of buildings and transportation for a clean energy future and economy. SMUD’s 2030 Zero Carbon Plan is a comprehensive blueprint to achieve regional decarbonization, sustainability and an energy transition that leaves no community behind. The plan is among the most aggressive decarbonization initiatives of any major utility in the nation and centers on several key strategies, including:

  • substantial increases in renewable energy sources, battery storage and related technologies,
  • adoption of zero carbon innovation to engage the wider community in carbon-reducing activities,
  • retirement of thermal plants,
  • strategic partnerships to optimize costs and maintain competitive rates, and 
  • workforce development programs and education opportunities that support clean energy careers.

Through a long-standing commitment to community connection and engagement, SMUD cultivates innovative pathways for customers to lower utility costs and actively participate in reducing their carbon footprint. Building on our unwavering support for EV adoption that started decades ago, SMUD continues to be a driving force for positive change, collaborating closely with customers. Through an array of SMUD programs, including virtual power plants, managed-EV charging solutions, electrification incentives, residential and commercial workshops on emerging energy technologies, EV test-drive forums and a variety of related initiatives, all communities are invited to actively participate in shaping a greener future.

In 2022, SMUD became the first recipient of J.D. Power's Power Certified Sustainability Leader designation, which acknowledges SMUD’s outstanding customer service and ambitious vision of achieving a carbon-free power supply by 2030.

About SMUD

As the nation’s sixth-largest, community-owned, not-for-profit electric service provider, SMUD has been providing low-cost reliable electricity to Sacramento County for more than 75 years. SMUD is a recognized industry leader and award winner for its innovative energy efficiency programs, renewable power technologies and for its sustainable solutions for a healthier environment. Today, SMUD’s power supply is on average about 50 percent carbon free and SMUD has a goal to reach zero carbon in its electricity production by 2030.