Special Notice: Due to technology issues, SMUD is temporarily unable to accept payments at any of the remote pay stations such as grocery or Wal-Mart stores. In-person payments can be made only at the SMUD Customer Service Center located at 6301 S Street, Sacramento.

If you made a payment at a remote pay station between Saturday, April 22 and Thursday, April 27 there may be a delay in the payment being credited to your SMUD account. Affected customers will not be assessed late penalties and no accounts will be disconnected as a result of the issue. Payments through the mail, our website or by calling SMUD are not affected. Please accept our apologies as we work around the clock to correct the issue.

Pool Pump Rebates

Swim into savings with a $350 rebate

Save big on a new variable-speed pool pump and run your pool more efficiently.

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Rebates, Incentives and Financing

When you invest in energy efficiency, you help us postpone the need to build more power plants. And that's good for the whole community. We make it easier for you to invest in energy efficiency through our rebates, special promotions and home-improvement loans.


Energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights and LEDs are better than ever. From time to time we provide incentives to retailers, or directly to you, to make these lights more affordable.
Compact fluorescent lights
LED lighting

Energy Efficiency Financing

SMUD offers a financing program that helps customers replace high energy use equipment with more efficient models.

Energy efficiency financing
SMUD's residential loan program and eligibility


We offer rebates to help you save on energy-efficient appliances for your kitchen and laundry room.
Clothes dryers, refrigerators and heat pump water heaters

Home Performance Program

You may qualify for rebates under this special program that takes a whole-house approach to saving energy.
Visit SMUD's HPP site
Find an HPP contractor
Financing information

Heating & Cooling

We have rebates and incentives to help you keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Rebate listings

Home Energy Solutions

Home Rebates & Energy Solutions

Your one-stop place to locate rebates and energy saving solutions for your home.
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Pool & Spa

Check out our recommendations to lower the cost of keeping your pool or spa clean and running smoothly.
Pool & spa efficiency

Multifamily Housing

We offer rebates and financing for multifamily buildings that have three or more dwelling units and the Home Performance Program for buildings with at least five living units.

Multifamily rebate program

Energy-saving tips

You can save energy at home with some easy adjustments and home upgrades.

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SolarShares: Solar for everyone!

Enjoy solar power without ownership costs.

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