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Features of SolarSmart Homes
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Features of a SolarSmart Home®

  • A state-of-the-art rooftop solar electricity system generates much of the energy you will use. And, when your system makes more electricity than you use, you'll see a credit right on your SMUD bill.
  • A radiant barrier in the roof lowers the need for air conditioning by reflecting away heat that would otherwise enter the attic.
  • A 90% efficient furnace that converts natural gas into heat for your home.
  • A high-efficiency (14 SEER/ 12 EER) air conditioning system that remains efficient even in extreme conditions. You save even on the hottest days.
  • Energy-efficient Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFLs).
  • ENERGY STAR® windows that keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in winter, giving you maximum comfort.
  • Third-party certification and SMUD quality assurance inspections to ensure better built homes. You can be confident that the energy efficiency features are properly installed and operating as designed.

Find a SolarSmart Home® community

SMUD works with innovative local builders to make these homes available in many areas and price ranges. Visit a SolarSmart Home® community near you.

Home of the Future and the City of Sacramento and Sacramento County Infill House Plan Program

SMUD and the City of Sacramento and Sacramento County are working together to make it easier to build homes on vacant lots in many of the City's and County's older neighborhoods. There are six plans available that comply with SMUD's Home of the Future Program or with SMUD's SolarSmart Home® program. The SolarSmart Home® Pre-Approved Infill Plans use up to 60% less energy than a typical single-family home while the Home of the Future Infill Plans use up to 85% less energy over a typical Title 24 compliant home. A number of tax credits and other incentive programs are available to offset some of the improvement costs for these programs.

For more information on the City and County Infill House Plan Program, contact:

City of Sacramento
Infill House Plan Program

Sacramento County
Infill Development Program home page
Infill Home Plan Program with Elevations and Floor Plans
Infill Coordinator Contact

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