Solar for Your Home

Solar power for your home

If you're considering a solar system for your home, SMUD wants to provide you the information and tools you need to make an informed decision about whether solar is right for you.

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    Getting Started

    Important information to help you decide what option is best for you.
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    Financing Options

    Understand the different options available to help you finance your solar system – buying, leasing and Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA).
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    Understanding Your Bill

    What is Net Energy Metering (NEM) and how to read your bill.
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    Enjoy the benefits of solar without having to buy or lease it.
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  • Solar on a commercial building

    Want solar for your business?

    We can help with that too.
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Clean energy all around us

SMUD is taking a leadership role in developing a more sustainable future.

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Your home of the future

Ultra-efficient homes are here now.