Power Protection

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Power Protection

Whole-house protection, $6.95 a month Plug-in protection, $25 each

Power surges -- outside of SMUD's control -- happen every day. These brief disturbances can damage appliances and sensitive electronic equipment instantly or gradually. SMUD's Power Protection Service offers two options. Taking advantage of both gives you the maximum warranty protection for your appliances and plug-in electronic devices.

Whole house protection stops surges at the electric meter

A Whole House Surge Protector is installed on your meter to intercept power surges. It protects appliances with motors, such as your dishwasher, microwave, air conditioner, washer, dryer and refrigerator. Whole house protection is $6.95 per month. An initial six-month minimum service period is required.

You’ll get:

  • One free plug-in surge protector with sign-up.
  • Replacement of worn surge protectors is free.
  • Inspection, testing and minor repair of your home's main electrical grounding at the electric meter when the whole house surge protector is installed.

Sign up online. Or call 1-888-742-7683.

Plug-in surge protection for smaller, more sensitive electronics

Plug-in surge protectors offer an additional level of protection for your electronics including TVs, CD and DVD players, video game consoles, audio equipment, computers and printers, as well as wireless routers and modems. Plug-in surge protectors provide an inexpensive means to protect your electronic equipment from power surges that originate from within your home. They also can protect from surges through telephone lines and cable TV or satellite cables.

  • Purchase as many as you need for $25 each plus tax.
  • The plug-in surge protector comes with eight outlets, phone/modem jack and coaxial cable-TV jacks.
  • The one-time fee is conveniently charged to your monthly SMUD electric bill.
  • Future replacement of worn surge protector(s) is free.
  • Your electronics are warranted by the manufacturer against damage from surges. Please refer to SMUD's Terms and Conditions and the EFI Electronics Manufacturer's Warranty for plug-in devices.
  • Note: The plug-in surge protector requires a three-prong outlet. Older homes with two-prong outlets will not be able to use this product. If your house is old, you may want to consult a qualified, licensed electrician for options.


See our Surge Protection Basics.

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