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Go solar and save.

Lock in long-term savings with solar power for your business.

Bask in the savings

Go green with SMUD

SMUD makes it easy to you to take care of the things that take care of us – the air we breathe, the water we drink and the living things that make up our delicate ecosystems. Here are some ways that you can take part:

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Renewable energy for your business

Show your commitment to the environment by joining Greenergy® today.

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Go Paperless

Get an email when your bill is ready. Then view, pay and track it all online.

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Go Solar

Purchase or lease your own rooftop solar electric system and SMUD will buy the excess solar power you don’t use. And even if you don’t buy or lease, you can still get solar power through our SolarShares® program.

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Electric Vehicle Ready?

With the growing number of electric vehicles in the Sacramento area, the need for charging options is increasing. Is your business ready?

You and SMUD – leading the way toward a cleaner environment

For more than a generation, SMUD and it's customers have led the way to a cleaner environment with:

A strong environmental commitment
Your elected SMUD Board of Directors has set ambitious goals that will produce a healthier local environment for future generations. More

An aggressive portfolio of green power
SMUD uses a balanced and sustainable mix of power sources in ways that help preserve the environment. More

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Clean energy all around us

SMUD is taking a leadership role in developing a more sustainable future.

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Meeting the challenge

Balancing current and future needs responsibly.

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