Iowa Hill Pumped-Storage Project

SMUD is studying the potential for building a pumped-storage system near Iowa Hill, a few miles from Camino in El Dorado County. This would be an addition to our existing hydroelectric system. It would expand SMUD's production of clean energy in our region, help meet peak demand for power, and allow us to integrate additional supplies of intermittent wind and solar energy, reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

  • Project overview

    Project overview

    Reusing water from Slab Creek Reservoir, Iowa Hill would add 400 megawatts of generating capacity to SMUD's hydroelectric system.
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  • Iowa Hill FAQ

    Got questions?

    Your questions and concerns are important to us.Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Iowa Hill project.
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  • Project activities

    Project activities

    We've spent years evaluating the geology of Iowa Hill and have made it a priority to listen to El Dorado County residents who live near the project site.
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  • Project updates

    Project updates

    Get weekly updates on project activities, road impacts and more.
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  • Permits and management plans

    Design and operations

    For each step of the Iowa Hill project, SMUD is committed to minimizing environmental impacts and following through on mitigation plans.
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  • Environmental review

    Environmental review

    Being good stewards of the environment has always been a focus for SMUD.
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  • Technical resource reports

    Technical resource reports

    View the technical reports and documents
  • Iowa Hill Joint Advisory Committee

    Iowa Hill Joint Advisory Committee

    Meeting since 2006, the IHJAC was formed to oversee the impacts of activities related to the construction of the Iowa Hill development.
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Joint Advisory Committee meeting

The Iowa Hill Joint Advisory Committee will meet to discuss and hear updates on the proposed Iowa Hill Pumped-Storage Project.

Wednesday, April 8 at 6 p.m.
Apple Mountain Golf Resort
3455 Carson Road
Camino, CA 95667

Agenda and more information available soon.

News & activities

Information on road and project activities, as well as current news and newsletters.
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Project timeline

View the long-term project schedule of design and construction activities (2014-2023)
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Contact information

If you have questions regarding the Iowa Hill project, we are eager to hear them. Please get in touch with us at or 916-732-6822.

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