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Environmental leadership is one of our guiding principles at SMUD. We help customers become more efficient users of energy, we use a balanced and sustainable mix of energy sources, and we help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced locally. You can read the SMUD Board Policy on Environmental Leadership.

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Greening your home

From getting more out of the energy you use to switching to renewable energy, we're here to help.

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Renewable Energy

Energy produced from natural, renewable sources like the sun, wind, and biomass means less reliance on fossil fuels and cleaner air. They will play an increasingly large role in our community's energy future.

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Environmental Commitment

See how SMUD manages the impact of our operations on the environment and its policies regarding the environment.

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2015 Sustainability Report

Environmental stewardship is one of SMUD's guiding principles.

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SMUD's power sources

SMUD's 2016 Power Content Label shows the full mix of our energy resources.

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