Time-of-Day (5-8 p.m.) Rate


It’s important to reduce electricity use during peak hours

The goal of Time-of-Day pricing is to reduce how much electricity we use during peak hours. Demand for electricity increases during weekday late afternoon and early evening hours.

To meet this higher demand, we often have to buy energy from very expensive and less environmentally-friendly sources. We can avoid purchasing less desirable forms of energy and building new power plants by reducing electricity use during peak periods. We all absorb the high costs, but the environmental costs affect the entire planet.

You can save on your SMUD bill by shifting your electricity use to off-peak hours - before 5 p.m. and after 8 p.m. weekdays and all day on weekends and holidays.

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Energy savings tips

On the Time-of-Day Rate, you have more control of your electric bill. By shifting your use to lower-cost time periods, you can help lower your bill.

TOD savings tip

Take advantage of low off-peak prices by setting your pool pump to start at midnight. You can save even more, and get at $250 rebate, by upgrading to a variable-speed pool pump.

Save around

$10 a month

by setting your pool pump to start running at midnight


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Customer success stories


Paul said the switch to Time-of-Day has not been difficult for his family.

"It's amazing how much just minor changes can make a big difference."

See how Paul's family made the switch.


Brian made small changes in his energy usage and has seen great results on the Time-of-Day Rate.

"I've been a TOD customer for about 2 years now. I noticed my bill has actually gone down on the rate."

Watch Brian's story to see how he made TOD work for his lifestyle.