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Thursday, March 14, Noon – 1:15 PM


You'll learn about what “the great, the good and the challenges” with installing a heat pump water heater based on lessons learned from actual customer installations. As a result of this training, attendees will learn about how easy the incentive process can be, how advance planning can save you money, why larger tanks may be necessary and what that means for water heater location, power requirements, what to expect from permitting and how it changes the space conditions in the space it's installed in.

Friday, March 15, 12:30 – 1:30 PM

(In person)

Induction cooking offers many benefits over cooking with gas or standard electric stoves, including speed, precision and improved air quality. During this class, a live chef will demonstrate how to cook with induction and why it’s superior to other cooking methods.

Thursday, March 28, Noon – 1:15 PM

(In person and online)

Attendees will learn from SMUD and SPAN.io about several, cost-effective solutions to add electrical load, such as EV chargers or heat pump water heaters, that won't require expensive upgrades to their electrical service or upsizing their panel.

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