Wildfire Mitigation Plan

Public Utilities Code (PUC) section 8387 was amended in 2018 by Senate Bill (SB) 901 (Dodd). Section 8387 requires that SMUD maintain and operate its electrical lines and equipment “in a manner that will minimize the risk of catastrophic wildfire posed by those electrical lines and equipment.” As amended by SB901, Section 8387 more specifically requires that SMUD “shall, before January 1, 2020, and annually thereafter, prepare a wildfire mitigation plan.”

The objectives of SMUD’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP) is to:

  1. Reduce the risk of potential wildfire-causing ignition associated with SMUD’s electrical infrastructure;
  2. Implement a WMP that embraces safety, prevention, mitigation, and recovery as central priority for SMUD; and
  3. Create a WMP that is consistent with state law and objectives.

Plan documents

You can view the 2019 Public Review Draft of the WMP below. A hard copy is also available to review at SMUD’s headquarters security desk (6301 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95817).

View draft Wildfire Mitigation Plan

Public input

An opportunity for public comment will be available at a Board meeting later this fall when the final draft WMP is presented for the Board's consideration. In addition to the standard notice provided for SMUD Board meetings, the date and time will be posted at https://www.smud.org/wildfiresafety along with the final draft WMP. 

We would also like to invite you to sign up to receive future notifications every time the WMP is scheduled to be discussed at an upcoming Board or committee meeting. 

Please contact wmp@smud.org for more information.