Whether you're relaxing at home, driving to work or enjoying the great outdoors, your safety is our top priority.  To keep you safe in and around our service area, we’ve put together helpful tips and resources. We've also included resources on what SMUD does to prepare for storms and wildfires.

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Safety contacts

In case of emergency: call 911


Report an outage

for sparking or downed lines and outages (only after calling 911 first)

for trees in power lines

for pipeline damage (particularly when digging)

for kites in lines or other safety concerns

Safety tips

Take precautions both indoors and out.
Get tips for safe driving.
What to do before, during and after the storm.
Watch out for downed power lines and other equipment.
Enjoy the outdoors while still being safe.
Learn about our wildfire safety efforts.

Preparing an emergency kit

At SMUD, we’re working hard 24/7 to power our community with safe and reliable power, but we know the unexpected can happen, and that includes power outages. An emergency kit is a great way to be ready for any unexpected event. By putting safety essentials together in one place, you’ll always be prepared.