Transformer Box Wrap Program

SMUD transformer boxes are the green utility boxes you see along sidewalks, in courtyards and often on business properties. They take higher voltage electricity from SMUD’s distribution system and transform it to lower voltages appropriate for residential and commercial use.

 One unwrapped transformer and one wrapped with fish

Why wrap a transformer box?

Wrapping transformer boxes can help deter graffiti as well as enhance the aesthetic environment of surrounding areas.

Who can apply?

We’re pleased to offer this program to qualifying businesses, commercial property owners, municipal agencies and community organizations.

What is required to apply?

The applicant must choose a wrap from our design gallery and then submit their information and design choice using the application form. If the application is approved, the applicant must sign a Wrap Agreement with SMUD which includes the responsibilities of the applicant before installation can proceed.

For details on eligibility, decorative wrap selection and how to submit your application, please review our Transformer Box Wrap Program Guidelines. You can also view our Design Gallery below to see the current wrap images available.

Please contact us for any additional questions or information.

Design gallery

Take a look at our approved wrap images below. 

American RiverAmerican river





City - Night



City - Sunrise



City - Twilight











Wind turbines


Color shrubs





Fish tank 

Tropical fish










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