​Greenhouse gas reduction

SMUD’s climate strategy


SMUD’s climate strategy is linked to the Sustainable Future priority of SMUD’s “North Star” strategic vision for the organization.  To achieve it, we “embrace a low carbon future while balancing affordability, reliability and customer choice.  We are committed to sustainability in our business practices.”  A number of our Board of Directors’ Strategic Directions (SD) support this vision.  SD-9 contains our Sustainable Power Supply objective to reduce greenhouse gas emission to serve retail customer load to Net Zero by 2040. We aim to meet these goals while assuring reliability of the system, minimizing environmental impacts on land, habitat, water quality and air quality, and maintaining a competitive position relative to other California electricity providers.   In addition, SD-7 states that SMUD will “provide leadership in the reduction of the region’s total emissions of greenhouse gases through proactive programs in all SMUD activities and development and support of national, State and regional climate change policies and initiatives.  Between these directives, our existing customer programs, our climate related research and other community initiatives, SMUD supports every pillar of California’s Climate Strategy.


SMUD’s commitment to support California’s climate strategy


Renewable electricity

  • Increase the percentage of SMUD-delivered electricity through voluntary Greenergy participation
  • Advance our Distributed Energy Strategy for solar adoption, storage, energy efficiency, electric vehicles and competitive alternatives

50% reduction in petroleum use in vehicles

  • Offer incentives for off-peak charging and for the purchase or lease of a new plug-in electric vehicle at a participating dealer.
  • Expand our fleet of plug-in hybrids (including bucket trucks) and battery EV’s
  • Provide incentives to install more fast-charging stations (SMUD developed the first solar-powered charging station on the West Coast)
  • Provide support and incentives for electric transportation, including electrified bus lines


Double energy savings at existing buildings

  • SMUD offers rebates and incentives for customers to improve the energy efficiency of their home
  • SMUD offers rebates and incentives to businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their workplaces


Carbon sequestration in the land base

  • Research support for Delta wetlands and Placer forest carbon offset demonstration projects
  • New research initiative to evaluate regional bio-sequestration potential and assist with demonstration
  • 1,100 acre Nature Preserve at Rancho Seco funded and transferred to Sacramento Valley Conservancy


Reduce short-lived climate pollutants

  • Pilot Natural Refrigerant Incentive program launched in 2017 to explore alternatives to hydrofluorocarbon based refrigerants
  • Supported construction of five dairy digesters, with one additional proposed to capture methane emissions from manure


Safeguard California