Expanding efforts on renewable energy projects

Working in SMUD’s Power Generation team, Solar Projects Development Manager Amanda Beck is responsible for finding properties for renewable energy projects like utility-scale solar, wind and energy storage. We’re making significant investment in renewable energy projects to achieve our ambitious zero carbon goal, and work by Amanda and her colleagues are at the forefront of SMUD’s innovative efforts to decarbonize our energy supply in a reliable, affordable and equitable way to maximize benefits for all.

Photo of Amanda BeckOur Solar Projects Development Manager Amanda Beck has been with SMUD for more than 7 years, and in that time, she’s made quite an impact on expanding SMUD’s renewable energy portfolio. Amanda is passionate about decarbonization and the benefit today and for future generations. Her work plays a big role in helping achieve SMUD’s goal to eliminate all carbon emissions from our power supply by 2030. It’s the most aggressive carbon reduction goal of any large utility in the United States.