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Find out more about how SMUD will deliver carbon-free energy by 2030.

SMUD staff will share updates and why our 2030 Zero Carbon Plan is important to them. Check back often to see the latest blogs.

 Photo of Ryan Donovan Using the Delta Breeze to power low-cost, renewable energy and our 2030 Clean Energy Vision   

Ryan Donovan - 4/29/22

Renewable Generation Assets Manager Ryan Donovan is responsible for overseeing the operations and maintenance of our Solano Wind Farm. Bringing more renewable, low-cost and proven clean energy technology online will be crucial in our efforts to achieve our goal of eliminating carbon emissions in our power supply by 2030.

Watch Ryan in the third installment of our “Road to Zero” video series.

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 Photo of Amanda Beck Expanding efforts on renewable energy projects

Amanda Beck - 1/12/22

Project Development Manager Amanda Beck has made quite an impact in broadening SMUD’s renewable energy portfolio since joining the organization in 2014, and the work she does will play a big role in helping us achieve the most aggressive carbon reduction goal in the country by 2030.

Watch Amanda as she kicks off the second video in our “Road to Zero” video series. 

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The importance of achieving zero carbon

Lora Anguay - 12/24/2021

Shortly following the Board’s approval of the clean energy plan, CEO & General Manager Paul Lau announced Lora Anguay as SMUD’s Chief Zero Carbon Officer.

Watch Lora as she kicks off the first in our “Road to Zero” video series sharing more about her personal connection to working toward a cleaner energy future and how we’re working at SMUD to make our ambitious goal a reality.

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Leading the way to an inclusive zero-carbon future

Paul Lau - 4/27/2021

In the nearly 40 years I’ve worked at SMUD, I’ve seen some great environmental achievements. From smart grid technology and electric vehicle deployment to battery storage, SMUD has always been at the forefront of reducing carbon while benefitting the community. 

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