Loans and Insurance for Business

We have loan and insurance programs to help small business owners.

Small business loan programs

We want to help you do business with us! By partnering with several local organizations, we’re able to offer guaranteed loans for small business owners in Sacramento.

  • Loan guarantees are available for amounts under $500,000, with a 20% loan guarantee from SMUD.
  • California Capital guarantees up to 65%–in addition to the SMUD guarantee–for a maximum total guarantee up to 85%.

Guaranteed lines of credit for working capital can be used by businesses contracting or subcontracting with SMUD.

Call California Capital at 1-916-442-1729 for more information on this program and other small business loans.

Bonding and insurance

If you’re a small business looking for affordable bonding and/or insurance, we recommend that you contact one of our BAC members for help.

Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce
Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce
Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Insurance premiums are based on the scope and expense of the work to be performed for SMUD by the contractor.

Small business can make our future more energy-efficient!