​Cellular Site Leasing

This list explains the process required to lease space on SMUD's transmission poles, towers, substations, and upon SMUD's buildings and grounds for cellular carriers and others.

You can submit your project for Wireless/Cell Site Lease Facilities to SMUD at any time by clicking the link below. You'll also find more information to help with the process and requirements by going to the following link:

Step 1: Submit your project

  • The first step in this process is to complete a request to place facilities on or upon SMUD facilities along with submitting your preliminary plans, a passing structural analysis, and an initial deposit (listed below).
  • Please Note: SMUD only accepts applications for Wireless/Cell Site Lease Facilities online by clicking on the following link:

Step 2: Initial SMUD review and response

  • Your application once received will be routed electronically to several SMUD departments to provide an initial review and determine if your request is possible at your desired location. Possible reasons for an initial denial could be related to SMUD's future plans, the structural integrity of an existing facility, interference with existing SMUD facilities, etc.
    Once the review is complete, SMUD will provide a response either approving the initial review allowing the process to continue forward or denying the request. If the request is denied, SMUD will notify you of the reason.

Step 3: Initial review approved

  • If the initial request is approved by SMUD, you will be notified of such and at that time need to submit the Design Review and Inspection fee (listed below) at SMUD's Project Application website and ensure you follow the guidelines in SMUD's Electric Service Requirements, Engineering Specification T012 Installations on District Facilities (pdf) providing the Submittals as detailed in section 8.2. These submittals along with updated plans containing SMUD's minimum requirements and information should be e-mailed to realestate@smud.org.

  • Upon receipt of the minimum information above, SMUD staff will begin the second and final portion of our review working toward approving the installation.

Step 4: Creation of SMUD Site License Agreement (SLA) and Master License Agreement (MLA)

  • Once the plans have been approved by SMUD, a MLA will be developed if one is not already in place. A SLA will be created incorporating within it the site license specifics, fees, terms, options, notification requirements, site specific conditions, etc. in preparation for signatures and emailed to you.

Step 5: SMUD Notice to Construct

  • Upon finalization of the SLA and MLA, and upon SMUD's receipt of zoning and building permit approvals, you will receive a Notice to Construct with SMUD Inspector contact information to arrange for a pre-construction meeting prior to any construction taking place. Please Note: Under SMUD's Lease Facility program SMUD typically requires the customer to hire qualified electrical workers to perform any and all work regarding this installation under the direction of a SMUD Inspector(s). SMUD's Inspector(s) will work directly with your qualified electrical workers in setting schedules, holding clearances, etc. in the performance of the work.

Step 6: As-Builts

  • You will be responsible for providing SMUD with signed and stamped as-built drawings by a licensed architect and engineering firm.

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Application Fee: Currently $2,500 There is a flat charge bill for SMUD's administrative staff to review all of the applicant's construction drawings and structural analysis and process the submitted application. This fee is non-refundable.
Should you have questions regarding the process, please contact us at realestate@smud.org or at 916-732-6868.

Design Review and Inspection Fee: Currently $15,000

There is a flat charge bill for costs associated with construction management of the site, including engineering review, on-site supervision and inspection services. this fee is non-refundable.