2021 Redistricting Public Comments

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December 13 – Michael S.

I agree with the commenter who said that Wards 1, 3 and 4 are gerrymandered. They should be made more compact, more regularly-shaped. Having Ward 4 squeeze up to Greenhaven/Pocket/Land Park is weird (maybe push Ward 6 westward instead), as is having Ward 1 squeeze westward in the north. Ward 3 needs to lose its upward projection into Arden Arcade - putting Ward 3's part N of Arden Way into Ward 7 would make more sense. You also have an historic opportunity to get rid of Ward 5's eastern strip of unincorporated area between Ethan and Howe. It would make more sense to conform Ward 5 to the City of Sacramento's boundaries ending E @ Ethan and covering the little triangle N of Marconi and W of Howe and extending to the skinny eastward-piercing triangle through the Haggin Oaks golf course & softball complex. Likewise, give Ward 3 the City of Sacramento territory between Arden Fair and Cal Expo.

October 28 – Jon M.

In my view, SMUD Ward boundaries should be as compact as possible and without appendages that give the appearance of gerrymandering. Wards 1, 3, and 4 have such appendages that should be removed in the process.

Thank you.
Jon M.