For Immediate Release: August 15, 2019

SMUD hits a milestone in fleet electrification

Replaces all gasoline-powered sedans with hybrid/electric vehicles

SMUD hit a major milestone in its efforts to electrify its fleet this week by putting up its last gas-powered sedan for auction and announcing the addition of 16 Chevy Bolts to its lineup. That brings the total number of electric and/or hybrid sedans to the SMUD fleet at 53.

“We’re excited to hit this milestone on our way toward fleet electrification,” said Casey Fallon, SMUD’s director of Procurement, Warehouse and Fleet. “As we work to bring more mobility options and infrastructure to the Sacramento region, we are showcasing the ability for large fleets to make the transition to cleaner cars and demonstrate the benefits.”

“Electric vehicles really are the future and they provide so many benefits to the communities in which we serve,” said Fallon.

In fact, SMUD just added three electric service trucks to its fleet that allow for heat and air conditioning to run while the engine is turned off to reduce the amount of diesel emissions and noise. It’s also adding additional charging infrastructure at its two Sacramento locations.

“The effort comes from out-of-the-box thinking in how we view our fleet and our transportation needs,” said Fallon. “There are a lot of factors that play into this long-range effort including technology advancements, vehicle lifecycles, reduced maintenance expenses and how we rethink what types of vehicles are needed for various operating activities in the field.”

SMUD has long been a supporter of electric vehicles, having worked with major automakers and a wide variety of technology companies for the past 30 years to help test and optimize electric vehicle equipment and demonstrate real-world effectiveness.

SMUD’s efforts and partnerships have already brought electric vehicles to underserved communities; electric school buses to local districts; clean public transportation; mobile battery charging stations and more.

SMUD's Charge Free for Two Years electric vehicle incentive offers a choice of $599 cash (enough for the average electric vehicle driver to charge at home for two years), or a free high-powered level 2 electric vehicle charger for SMUD customers who purchase or lease a new plug-in electric vehicle.

Additionally, SMUD’s special electric vehicle rate discount allows electric vehicle owners to save money when they charge their vehicles between midnight and 6 a.m. This allows owners to maximize their savings while mitigating the impact to SMUD’s electric grid for all customers.

Furthermore, SMUD is working to bring a California Mobility Center to Sacramento that will serve as an innovation hub of policy, funding and commercialization of clean transportation technologies including autonomous transportation; electric vehicles; battery storage; shared mobility solutions; public transit and more.

These efforts support the recent adoption of one of the most aggressive Integrated Resource Plans in the country that puts SMUD on the path to net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.

The goal is to provide equal opportunities in Sacramento for increased mobility, clean air and access to things like employment, healthcare and education.

SMUD’s commitment to sustainability and mobility will improve the air quality in the Sacramento region and increase access to its residents. 

About SMUD

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