​Savings by Design

Energy efficient buildings don’t happen by accident. They happen by design.  Use our Savings by Design program and receive incentives of up to $150,000

Savings by Design is a statewide program encouraging high-performance design and construction for the commercial and industrial sector. This program is sponsored by SMUD and other California utilities.

Available services to building owners and design teams:

  • Design assistance
  • Energy design resources
  • Owner incentives
  • Design team incentives
  • Reduce long-term operating costs
  • Provide greater comfort, health and productivity for occupants
  • You’ll conserve natural resources and help create cleaner air with efficient power generation
  • Up to $150,000 for projects estimated to exceed a Title 24 or standard practice baseline by at least 10 percent whole building performance.
  • Up to $50,000 additional design team incentives
  • Daylighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Service hot water
  • Other systems and processes your business uses

Integrate innovative design technologies in your new construction project

Free information on relevant analysis tools, efficient technologies and case histories

Available to help offset the costs of energy efficient buildings

Reward designers who meet ambitious energy efficiency goals

How it works

  • Choose the approach that works best for you – Whole Building or Systems approach
  • Connect with your SMUD Strategic Account Advisor early in the design process to learn about program options and available funding.

1.Whole building approach:

This is the optimal method of achieving energy savings because it integrates the best energy solutions into your building as a whole.

This approach uses computer simulation analysis to provide reliable comparisons of available efficiency alternatives. It also quantifies the effect of improving your building’s systems as they operate together.

2.Systems Approach:

With this approach, we’ll help you look at the systems of your building rather than individual equipment or fixtures. Each building system can be designed to achieve greater efficiency as a whole as opposed to simply a collection of components.

Your Savings by Design representative will help you identify system options, quickly estimate your potential savings and identify which systems qualify for incentives up to $150,000.


Our goal is to help your business become as energy efficient as possible

Connect with your SMUD Strategic Account Advisor or call 1-877-622-7683 to learn more

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