Express Energy Solutions

This rebate program is for commercial, industrial and multi-family customers who know what energy efficiency upgrades they want to install and are ready to start. You can install the measures yourself or hire a contractor of your choice. Express Energy Solutions can pay rebates up to $20,000 per account, per year


For large or complex projects not eligible for the Express Energy Solutions program, consider our Custom Incentives. If you are a small to mid-sized business and need help identifying products that can reduce your bill and locating contractors who can install them, consider SMUD's Complete Energy Solutions program.

Who's eligible?

  • SMUD customers who are currently on a commercial billing rate
  • Property managers of a multi-family complex operating as a business

How does it work?

  • Review our EES Procedures Manual and Rebates for qualifying products, eligibility and performance requirements.
  • View and select your measures from our list of qualified products.
  • Note: Rebates larger than $5,000 require pre-approval. For rebates under $5,000, apply online within 90 days of installation.
  • Submit your rebate application along with required documents to

Whether you choose to be your own contractor, or hire a professional contractor, all parties need to first set up a My Account at in order to apply for a rebate.

Customer My Account Registration

Contractor My Account Registration


  • Anti-sweat heater controls
  • High efficiency fan motors
  • Auto door closers
  • Strip curtains

    Commercial food service equipment

    View SMUD rebate-qualified commercial food service equipment in each product category.

  • Combination ovens
  • Convection ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Demand ventilation control
  • Fryers
  • Glass door freezers
  • Glass door refrigerators
  • Griddles
  • Holding food cabinets
  • Ice makers
  • Solid door freezers
  • Solid door refrigerators
  • Steam cookers
  • Lighting

  • TLED
  • Hi Bay
  • Exit signs
  • Exterior lighting
  • Lighting controls
  • Refrigeration case lighting

  • HVAC equipment

  • Package unit and split system replacements

  • See more qualifying rebates


    Good news!

    Instant rebates are now available on select food service equipment through these participating retailers:

    Look for this sticker in store for eligible products:


    Can I break up a project into multiple phases to get around the $20,000 cap?

    The $20,000 project rebate cap is per-year, per metered account. If rebates for qualifying equipment would otherwise exceed $20,000 for a single metered account in a single year, the $20,000 limit would apply.


    On a single large project, is it possible to divide it so that one part applies for the EES program and one part applies for the Custom Incentives?

    The answer is technically, yes. But it's complicated. If you are in that situation, contact us at 1-916-732-5095, or email We'll help you find the best solution.


    How do I get paid?

    Rebate checks are a one-time payment mailed separately from your SMUD bill.


    How much are the rebates?

    Rebates are determined by adding the individual rebate amounts for each separate piece of qualifying equipment installed in your project. In many cases, you may install multiple quantities of the same item, such as energy efficient lighting. Here’s an example:

    1. You install ten lights, each of which qualifies for a $6 rebate. Your total rebate would be $60
    2. Those ten lights are controlled by two individual occupancy sensors, each qualifying for a rebate of $20. You would receive an additional $40 toward your rebate total.
    3. 10 x $6, plus 2 x $20 =$100

    You'll find a list of individual equipment rebate amounts starting on page 15 of our EES Procedures Manual and Rebates. (Note: If the equipment's not on the list, it doesn't qualify under the EES program − but may be eligible under one of our other rebate programs.)


    My building has multiple meters. Can I apply for multiple rebates?

    Each meter represents a separate customer account. Rebates are aggregated to just the equipment served by each individual meter. Annual $20,000 rebate caps apply separately to each metered account.

    It is possible to have multiple rebate projects apply to a single meter within a year, but they would be considered together in applying the $20,000 annual rebate cap. Meters that do not serve the new equipment cannot be used to apply for rebate or increase the rebate cap.


    What are the limits on rebate amounts?

    The maximum rebate that can be paid on a project within a calendar year is the lesser of either:

    • $20,000 per meter per year
    • 100% of the total project cost
    • Aggregate of rebate amounts for each separate piece of qualifying equipment installed in a project.

    Rule of thumb: If your projected rebate is $20,000 or more, there may be a rebate program more advantageous to you than EES. Call us at 916-732-5095, or email to find out more.


    When will I get my rebate check?

    If your application is complete when submitted online, including required attachments, your check will be drafted in about 30 days. Moral of the story: Sweat the details.


    Who is eligible for rebates?

    SMUD business customers, including managers of multi-family housing complexes, are eligible. Rebates can be paid directly to the SMUD customer, or to their designated contractor.

    Apply now

    Applying for rebates

    • Time is of the essence. Rebate funds are limited, and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, dollar amounts matter.
    • The application process is streamlined for project rebate amounts of $5,000 or less
    • Application procedures and timelines are different for project rebate amounts over $5,000.

    Apply now

    Important details

    • To qualify, equipment must meet EES performance specifications and be UL, CSA or ETL approved.
    • Rebates are flat amounts paid according to each unit of qualifying equipment installed.
    • A project is limited to that set of equipment installed within the period of eligibility and served by a single, non-residential meter.

    Helpful tips to speed up your application process

    SMUD’s energy rebates are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. If your projected rebate is $5,000 or less, submit your fully-completed application as timely as you can to improve your chances of being funded. Here are some tips to speed up your application process.

    Make sure your project meets our technical requirements for a rebate. Here’s what you’ll need on hand to upload with your online application.

    If your total project rebate is $5,000 or less

    • Manufacturer’s data sheets for equipment
    • Paid invoices, contracts, and/or itemized receipts (invoices must list materials and labor)
    • Optional for lighting rebates: To help speed the approval process, please provide a screen shot of the current DLC or ENERGY STAR® listing of your LED product

      Submit your application within 90 days of the completion of work. Prior approval is not needed to start work if the total rebate is $5,000 or less.

    If your total project rebate exceeds $5,000

    • Manufacturer’s data sheets for equipment you plan to install
    • A copy of your project cost estimate
    • Signed contract or purchase order detailing the scope of work to be performed
    • Optional for lighting rebates: To help speed the approval process, please provide a screen shot of the current DLC or ENERGY STAR® listing of your LED product

    Note: Projects exceeding $5,000 must wait for approval prior to starting. Once approved, you’ll have 120 days to complete the project or the end of the program year, whichever is earlier.

    Complete information will speed up your application process.  As you apply, consider these steps:

    • Is the customer and location listed correctly?
    • Select individual rebate measures one-at-a-time and provide necessary details.
    • Click ‘add rebate measure’ to add each individual measure to your application.
    • Repeat the process for all measures, then click ‘Done adding measures.’
    • Select and attach the proper supporting documents.
    • Accept the Terms and Conditions and click ‘Continue to review.’
    • Review your application for accuracy and completeness before you submit it.
    • Make a note of your application number.

    If you’re interested in a more turnkey approach, consider our Complete Energy Solutions program. For complex, large, or industrial projects see our Custom Incentives program.

    Have questions? Connect with your SMUD Strategic Account Advisor who can address your questions and develop a strategy tailored to your business needs.