Around town

Go electric

Most people drive less than 40 miles a day. If that’s you, then almost any EV will meet your needs. You’ll save on fuel costs and reduce your emissions.

Get started


Go reusable

 Choose products like reusable water bottles instead of single-use throwaways to curb waste and reduce the burden on landfills.


Community cleanup

Participate in community cleanups for a healthier and more beautiful community.


Avoid plastic

Avoid products with excessive plastic packaging. You’ll help lower carbon emissions from producing, transporting and disposing of plastic.


Eat local

Eat and shop local, like your local farmer’s market, to reduce transportation emissions.


Use your EV's timer

Use your EV's timer. Most EVs have a timer feature that can set the start time, end time or both, depending on your needs. Whenever possible, try to charge only during off-peak hours. Additionally, if you register your EV with SMUD, you can get a 1.5¢ credit on charging your EV and all of your household electricity use between midnight and 6 a.m. every day, all year long on the Time-of-Day Rate.