Daily Cost Estimator

We took our popular Time-of-Day Estimator and gave it an upgrade. 

The Daily Cost Estimator will apply our seasonal rates, which are among the lowest in California, to your appliance use at different times of the day to find ways to save. Create your personal estimate.

Select appliance usage

Select the electric appliances you own and when you use them during the day. Save the information when you're done.

View your estimate

The estimator gives you a breakdown of the cost to use each electric appliance for the season and times of day you selected.

Discover clues for savings

Find out which appliances cost the most to operate and discover how to make changes to save.
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Get started. Enter your usage information and get clues to help you save.

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Estimator assumptions

Each item's estimated use per day and the load run time for dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers are based on SMUD data and research. Costs are based on the Time-of-Day (5-8 p.m.) Rate. 

Appliance Load run time assumption
Dishwasher (standard and high-efficiency) 2 hours
Clothes washer (standard and high-efficiency) 1 hour
Clothes dryer (standard and high-efficiency) 45 minutes


The Daily Cost Estimator is for illustrative purposes. We use wattage estimates based on our research. Your item’s actual wattage values may vary depending on age and features. To find exact wattage for your item, check your owner’s manual or data plate.

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