Join the Charge toolkit

By 2030, our power supply will be 100% carbon free. Help us show your support and get others involved in the global Clean PowerCity® movement.

Let's create a Clean PowerCity

Include a "join the charge" call to action with image and/or paragraph in a stand-alone email or section of your existing organization newsletter before your event. Select an option below.

Option 1

"Join the charge" sticker with SMUD logo and text: "Join the charge at get FREE swag."

Image size: 300x250

Copy: Join the charge and get FREE swag! By 2030, SMUD’s power supply will be carbon free. Show your support so we can all live in a Clean PowerCity.

URL: To be provided by SMUD.

Download Option 1 file

Option 2

"Join the charge" sticker with SMUD logo displaying text: Help us meet our goal to provide 100% carbon-free power by 2030. Visit for energy savings tips, rebates on eco-friendly products and information on electric vehicles, solar, battery storage and more.

Image size: 600x600

Copy: None.

URL: To be provided by SMUD.

Download Option 2 file

Next steps

Email the following to your Community Engagement Representative:

  • Option selection.
  • Scheduled email send date.
  • Email distribution list size.
  • Email open rate.
  • SMUD URL click-through rate.