SmartSacramento is a smart grid initiative. It allows us to develop innovative solutions to better serve our customers.

SmartSacramento includes projects that impact all areas of the grid and has benefits such as:

  • providing tools for you to better understand your energy usage
  • reducing the number and length of outages
  • helping protect the environment

Watch the video to see how we're leading the way toward a smart grid future with new technology and energy efficiency. 


SmartSacramento enabled projects to benefit our customers


In October 2009, The Department of Energy awarded SMUD a Smart Grid Investment Grant. The funds were used for over 50 sub-projects in 8 project areas:


  1. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (Smart Meters)
  2. Distribution Automation
  3. SmartPricing Options (Consumer Behavior Study)
  4. Demand Response
  5. Customer Applications
  6. Technology Infrastructure
  7. Cyber Security
  8. Research and Development

SMUD’s SmartSacramento initiative laid the foundation for a wide range of customer benefits and utility-scale advances that are transforming how you use energy and how we serve your energy needs.

Energy is vital to our lives. And as our energy future unfolds, you can trust SMUD, your community-owned, not-for-profit electric service, to help you make smart choices.

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