Vegetation Management

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Tree and vegetation management

To deliver your electricity safely and reliably, we follow a regular schedule for inspecting and trimming more than 200,000 trees in our 900-square-mile service area. Throughout the year, we clear vegetation away from power lines, poles and transformers to reduce the chance of power outages.

To help us maintain a reliable power-delivery system, avoid planting trees that will grow tall underneath or near power lines. We have information to help you select the right tree for the right place.

It’s an honor

We take pride in partnering with other organizations to maintain and protect our community’s urban forest.

Sacramento has been recognized by the National Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City USA. And SMUD has been a perennial winner of the Tree Line USA award.

Tree trimming

We employ specially trained, qualified tree-care professionals, including contractors.

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Clearing a path to reliable service

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Help our crews stay safe

Keep vegetation away from transformers.