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Stabilize energy costs with solar power for your business.

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Rebates, Incentives and Financing

To help your business and our community, we offer a wide variety of incentives and financing options to encourage investment in energy efficiency.

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Servers and data centers

We have financial incentives for more efficient cooling of data centers.
Data center cooling

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No matter what your business, investing in energy-efficient lighting may help shore up your bottom line.
LED lights
Advanced lighting controls

air conditioners

Heating, cooling and
energy management systems

High-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems are more affordable with our rebates.
Retrofits to improve efficiency of air conditioning systems
Energy management control systems



We offer a variety of incentives to help you make your coolers and freezers more energy efficient.
LED cooler and freezer lights
Custom refrigeration retrofits
Replace your refrigerant system

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Food service equipment

We have incentives for everything from ovens and fryers to ice machines and holding cabinets.

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Industrial Process Improvement

Save up to 30 percent of project costs or $150,000 with our customized incentive for efficiency improvements.
Customized incentives for industrial process improvement

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If you're looking to make major efficiency improvements, let us point you toward a couple of financing options.

SMUD loans

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How do you use energy?

Find out where you use the most, and start saving.

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Powering small business

Powering small business

SMUD's energy efficiency programs are helping local businesses grow.

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