​ENERGY STAR® roof rebates

Please note: The ENERGY STAR Roof Rebate program is ending 8/31/18. Rebates will no longer be offered on ENERGY STAR roofs effective 9/1/18.    

ENERGY STAR® roofs reflect solar energy (reflectance) and discharge stored heat (emissivity). Compared to standard roof surfaces, ENERGY STAR® roofs stay 50 degrees to 60 degrees cooler on hot summer days. That keeps cooling costs down.

ENERGY STAR® roof rebates

Homeowners can earn rebates for installing ENERGY STAR® roof materials that meet initial standards of solar reflectance and thermal emissivity.

With ENERGY STAR® roofs you'll enjoy:

  • Lower cooling costs
  • Reduced A/C equipment wear
  • Greater comfort

SMUD ENERGY STAR® roof rebates are based on federal ENERGY STAR® standards, not California Title 24.
See a list of ENERGY STAR® roof products.

Residential Roof Type Solar Reflectivity / Thermal Emissivity SMUD ENERGY STAR® Roof Rebate
Pitched 25% or higher reflectivity (Energy Star®)
75% or higher emissivity
$0.10/sq. ft.of the air-conditioned area under the roof
Pitched 40% or higher reflectivity
75% or higher emissivity
$0.20/sq. ft.of the air-conditioned area under the roof
Flat 75% or higher reflectivity
75% or higher emissivity
$0.30/sq. ft.of the air-conditioned area under the roof

ENERGY STAR® roof types

For flat roofs (3 main roofing types):

  • Coatings
    For existing roofs in good condition. Applied by spraying or rolling. Most common is the elastomeric type.
  • Single-ply membranes
    For roofs in need of an overhaul. These are pre-fabricated sheets applied in a single layer and heat-sealed for a continuous bond. More expensive than coatings, but much better quality and overall performance.
  • Sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF)
    Lightweight, easy to apply, providing good insulation and waterproofing. Note: SPF requires a cool roof coating to be applied over it in order to protect the foam against degradation.

For pitched roofs (multiple types):

  • For pitched roofs, most qualifying materials (40 percent reflectance or higher) consist of light colored tiles, coated metals (bare metals do not qualify), cedar shakes and a limited number of asphalt shingle products. Ask your roofing specialist for details.

Search a list of ENERGY STAR® Roof products

How to apply

To apply for a rebate, complete and submit the following 3 documents:

  1. ENERGY STAR® Roof rebate form.
  2. Copy of the product invoice (if product was self-installed) or a copy of the contract with the roofing contractor.
  3. Copy of the building permit for this roofing retrofit project.

Mail all three documents to:
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Residential ENERGY STAR® Roof Program, MS A203
P.O. Box 15830
Sacramento, CA. 95852-0830

Important: Your contractor's invoice and rebate application must specify the product installed (manufacturer's name and product brand). In addition, installations must have been made on a home (single family or mobile home) having an electrical central air conditioning (AC) system. Wall AC units are not eligible for rebates. New construction homes are also not eligible.

Questions? Please email AdvancedHomeSolutions@smud.org or call 1-916-732-5732.