Energy Efficiency Financing

If you're financing an energy upgrade project, you can now pre-qualify for SMUD financing. It's fast and easy. SMUD's energy efficiency loans are specifically for the financing of energy efficient equipment to homeowners. 

Please be aware of the following tips when submitting a loan prequalification request to prevent a delay in response.

  • The person applying must be the same person as recorded in the county clerk recorder’s office on the property's grant deed.
  • The person applying must be the same person who holds the electric utility account.
  • The person applying cannot have a security freeze on their consumer credit report records.

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$45 minimum payments are required for SMUD financing
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A smart choice

No doubt about it, SMUD's Energy Efficiency Loan Program is the smart choice! We offer easy, convenient and affordable financing that can save you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. With us, you won’t find any mysterious interest charges, origination costs or pre-payment fees that are common with many home improvement loans. Plus, you can save even more when your energy-efficient improvements are complete.

Call us today at 1-916-732-5472, or get pre-qualified with our quick and easy online tool.

Loan comparison



Interest rate 

6.99% fixed rate 15-year term 7.75% (or higher on 25-year term)
Pre-payment fee None Amount determined by remaining loan term
Closing costs None Can be $700 (or more)
Origination fee None Usually 3% of amount financed
Equity requirement None As much as 15%
Annual fee None Averages $35
Recording fee None As much as $95
Have questions on SMUD financing? Give us a call at 1-916-732-5472. For all other questions, please call 1-888-742-7683.