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Circadian lighting

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Lighting studies

Read about the success our partners experienced when they teamed up with SMUD to revamp their lighting.

  • ACC Care Center These nursing home residents slept better and some were able to reduce their medications as a result of improved lighting.
  • Eskaton Monroe Lodge This independent living facility is expected to save an estimated 60% in energy costs after the installation of new circadian lighting. 
  • Gold Ridge Elementary School Circadian lighting was introduced in an elementary school focusing on children with autism, which teachers said helped them teach more effectively.
  • Lighting for the Spectrum Project Circadian lighting is helping children with autism sleep better and transition easier between activities at home.


Circadian lighting guide cover

Circadian lighting guide

Circadian lighting changes the color of light inside to mimic the daylight patterns outside. The changing colors throughout the day can stimulate our bodies and minds and help us stay alert and awake. They can also help us unwind and become more relaxed in the evening as we get ready for bed. The key is knowing what color of light to use and when. This booklet will help guide you on a circadian journey to help enhance your every-day interactions with lighting. Get ready to experience an amazing transformation in how you see and use lighting in the comfort of your own home.

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