Residential SolarShares

Local resources

SMUD has developed local, solar generation resources that supply 100% clean solar energy to all participants. By utilizing more renewable resources, we’re one step closer to eliminating 100% of our greenhouse gas emissions from our electric generation by 2030.


With minimal program costs in years 1 – 5 and no costs beginning in year 6, you’ll save for years 7 through 20, giving you an overall savings over the course of the 20-year program.

It’s simple and easy

We’ll maintain and operate the solar panels on your behalf so no need to worry about repairs or maintenance. If you move, SolarShares will move with you.

Frequently asked questions

No. Instead of rooftop panels, your home’s solar generation comes from solar farms located in the Sacramento region. There are no maintenance or upfront costs. SMUD will maintain the solar panels on your behalf to deliver the solar benefits to you. 

No action is needed. Once enrolled, you’ll begin receiving SolarShares.

To be eligible to participate in the SolarShares program, you must be a residential SMUD customer with a residential account. Solar and Storage Rate (SSR) customers and current Neighborhood SolarShares (NSS) customers are not eligible to participate. In addition, customers participating in Greenergy® Partner Plus, Standard, Neighborhood Recipient, CA Renewable or Local Renewable are not eligible to participate.

For more information, call 1-888-742-7683 or email

See the SolarShares Product Content Label or Terms and Conditions.