Community Solar® Program

What is Community Solar?

SMUD’s Community Solar program is a partnership between SMUD, you and our community. Working together, we’re able to look for opportunities to use solar energy to educate our community about the importance of renewable energy to our lives and our environment and to power the underserved and disadvantaged people in our community with clean energy.

How does it work?

Through support of generous SMUD customers, we’ve developed partnerships with nonprofit organizations and low-income housing organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. Together, we power our community with renewable energy.  

Nonprofit organizations

Powering your organization with solar power lowers your electric bill, leaving you with more money to deliver needed services. We continue to reach out to qualified organizations to assist with installing rooftop systems. Organizations like Orangevale Food Bank have rooftop solar thanks to our community. The savings on their utility bill allows them to better serve students in need at their local schools. And, thanks to customers like you, the Sacramento Food Bank is also getting a solar installation. This will allow them to use their saving towards helping customers in need.

Low-income housing 

Homes built through organizations like Habitat for Humanity now feature rooftop solar systems, courtesy of Community Solar support from customers like you. Homeowners and volunteers are given the knowledge and job training to install solar panels and the homeowners' electricity bills are kept low.

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Interested in community solar power to comply with California’s new code requirement for new homes? Visit Neighborhood SolarShares. 

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