Solar billing options

As a solar customer, you have two important choices to make, the first of which concerns compensation for net metering surplus (extra) energy and the second allows you to choose how and when you will be charged for your electricity use.

Consumption vs. surplus

When you use more electricity than your solar panels make, we supply the difference and you pay for that electricity consumption. When you make more electricity than you use, the surplus flows back to the grid and we pay you.

Your first choice: How do you want us to compensate you?

If there is a net surplus at the end of your 12-month settlement period, you must choose to be compensated with money back or credited in kilowatt hours against the electricity we supply to you during the following 12 month settlement period.

Your second choice: When do you want to pay for your electricity usage?

By default, we reconcile the difference in the amount of electricity you use and produce once a year. However, you can choose to have net consumption billed and paid each month to avoid a potentially large bill after 12 months.

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