What is it?

Welcome to SMUD's Neighborhood SolarShares. Your new home or apartment comes with a virtual solar system—SolarShares. As a SolarShares customer, you'll enjoy all the benefits of solar without a solar system on your roof.

Benefits of SolarShares

  • You’ll enjoy the benefits of a solar system without solar panels on your roof.
  • A fixed portion of your electricity is generated from the sun.
  • You’re supporting California-based, clean renewable energy sources.
  • SolarShares starts when you begin electric service with SMUD. You don’t have to do anything to begin receiving solar benefits.

How it shows on your bill

Image of SolarShares section of the bill 

Information about your SolarShares will appear in the “SolarShares Charges” section on your monthly SMUD bill.  There are three SolarShares-related items:

  • SolarShares Credit: shows the value (in dollars) of the electricity generated by your SolarShares. This amount may change monthly based on different factors.
  • SolarShares Charge: shows the fixed charge to operate and maintain the panels that provide your solar power.
  • SolarShares Subtotal: The difference between the SolarShares Credit and SolarShares Charge, letting you know if there's an overall credit or charge on the month's bill.

You'll notice that the SolarShares Charge is flat month-to-month, but will increase slightly each year. The SolarShares Credit, however, will change based on the amount of solar electricity generated (more in the summer months) and the value of the generated electricity (higher in the summer months). This means that your credits are higher in the summer months than in the non-summer months. We estimate that you'll save on your SMUD bill each year that you live in the SolarShares home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Your new home or apartment automatically includes SolarShares from SMUD and will be participating in the program for 20 years, even with subsequent owners.  As the resident, you are automatically enrolled.  You don’t need to sign up and you will begin benefiting right away. 

No. As a SolarShares customer, you will enjoy all the benefit of a solar system without solar panels on your roof. No maintenance or upfront costs. SMUD will manage solar panels on your behalf to deliver the solar benefits to you.

No action is needed. You'll begin receiving SolarShares as soon as your electric service starts in your new home or apartment.

The specific details of Neighborhood SolarShares vary for each location. To learn more about your specific details, please refer to your mortgage documents or lease agreement.