​Business Advisory Council

Our Business Advisory Council (BAC) advocates for SMUD's strategic directives, including contracting inclusiveness, small business engagement and regional economic vitality.

Mission statement

To champion a positive and economically strong relationship between SMUD and local small business, commercial and industrial customers, fostering supplier diversity as well as a strong regional economy and quality of life.


1. Educate local businesses on SMUD's contracting process.
2. Enhance awareness of and participation in SMUD contracting opportunities among local businesses.
3. Advise SMUD on its regional priorities and initiatives.
4. Promote local business issues.
5. Encourage SMUD's ongoing leadership in business and community engagement.

BAC leadership

  • Fred Palmer, Chair

    Rainbow Chamber of Commerce

  • Cathy Rodriguez Aguirre, Vice Chair

    Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


The BAC consists of leadership representatives from business-based civic and trade organizations as well as public agencies. BAC leadership, in consultation with SMUD, determines membership in the BAC.

BAC member organizations

Become a member

If your organization is interested in joining our council, please review the BAC Charter and contact Suzanne Dizon at 1-916-732-7349 or suzanne.dizon@smud.org.