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Our Commercial Development team is ready to help you in the planning, coordination, and service connection of your project.  Your dedicated adviser will assist you in navigating all phases of planning and construction and will coordinate all the touch points within SMUD.  We will also service as a liaison to facilitate integration with other utility services.  Email or call to schedule your free project consultation. 


Sacramento's growth is on the rise and it's our time to shine.

With national attention on the new Golden 1 Center and upcoming developments, others are starting to see what we've known for a long time — the Sacramento region is a great place to live and do business.

SMUD's Commercial Development team is a resource for our major developer customers in the planning, coordination and connection of their project to our grid. We are your go-to utility partner vital in the pre, during and post development of your project.


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A rule to grow by

As your community-owned, not-for-profit electric utility, we’re committed to supporting and encouraging regional economic development. That’s why, for qualifying projects, Rule and Regulation 16 has been amended to offset a portion of the fee charged to developers, businesses and commercial customers for new or upgraded electric service to their business.

Here’s what developers can expect under the new Rule 16:

  • After SMUD’s design is completed, Developer will receive a cost estimate from SMUD as described in Rule 16.
  • The estimated per kW offset amount will be determined by SMUD based on diversified load. The initial kW offset will be set at $125/kW based on the diversified load as determined by SMUD.
  • Projects must meet an estimated diversified load of at least 300 kW.
  • Develop furnished and installed underground duct system (including necessary conduits, ducts, manholes, vaults, pads and concrete encasement of conduit where required) is not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Offsets will not be more than 100% of the estimated cost for SMUD-installed facilities.
  • A customer non-refundable design deposit is required with the customer's service application.
  • The per kW offset amount will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

Your bill impact

For qualifying projects, developers will receive the offset amount (per kW) for SMUD costs to provide new or upgraded electric service to the project. Depending on the design and requirements, the offset will range from covering a portion of the estimated cost to covering the entire estimated cost. Qualified businesses will receive a line item credit on their Rule 16 Invoice and contract from SMUD.

Learn more about Rule 16.

Meet our team

Rob Lechner

Rob Lechner,
Director, Commercial Development

Serving developers building projects in the Central City, Sacramento.


Greg Hribar 

Greg Hribar,
Manager, Commercial Development

Serving developers building projects in Folsom, Rancho Cordova and sections of South Sacramento.


 Aaron Sussman  

Aaron Sussman,
Representative, Commercial Development

Serving developers building projects in Citrus Heights, North Natomas, Rio Linda, Elk Grove and sections of the City and County of Sacramento.


 Heather Mendez  

Heather Mendez,
Analyst, Commercial Development

Functioning as the team’s analyst and serving developers building projects in the surrounding area of Broadway and Oak Park.


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