SEED Quarterly Summer 2020

SMUD’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At SMUD, we’re here to support our community, businesses and neighborhoods. 

Business resources:  We've compiled a list of resources for our local business community. Learn more here.

Contracting opportunities:  Our procurement department continues to release solicitations for essential business contracts. Don't miss an opportunity to submit a bid to do business with SMUD. Learn more here.

Safely paying your bill:  There are several safe and easy ways to pay your bill. Online options include My Account, our guest pay option and through the SMUD App. Or you can visit one of our authorized pay stations. Learn more here.

Help with your bill. We know how challenging things are right now and we’re here to help. Extended through January 4, 2021, we will not disconnect your power due to non-payment. And we won't add late fees to your bill. We want all of our residential and commercial customers to have power at this time. Customers who are behind on payment will still owe SMUD for service, they will just not lose power at this time.

Don't hesitate to contact our team for assistance at any time at

See all our latest COVID-19 updates.

Connecting our business partners with SMUD's Sustainable Communities' efforts

The Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce, a SMUD Sustainable Communities partner, connects business, government, education and community leaders to enhance the quality of life not only in Citrus Heights, but in the Sacramento Region. Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce Logo

In early March 2020, our community began to feel the impact of the spread of the COVID-19 virus – both physically and emotionally. The growing pandemic brought the world to a virtual halt, including the closing of all area schools, isolating students from kindergarten through high school at home. 

Student at Single Mom Strong eventParents who still needed to report to work were left without adequate childcare. So, the Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce decided to leverage their resources to help a chamber member, Single Mom Strong, provide a solution. 
Single Mom Strong is also a SMUD Sustainable Communities partner. Its mission is to empower single mothers and their children through various enrichment and educational programs. Although childcare is one of the core services they offer, they needed a huge increase in funding to handle the sudden influx of Citrus Heights families in need.

This is where the Chamber and SMUD stepped in. With financial support supplied by Sustainable Communities through our partnership with the Chamber, Single Mom Strong was able to expand its services and provide COVID-19 emergency childcare scholarships for students of parents working in essential service fields.

“It is in times of need when we depend on each other the most,” said Single Mom Strong founder Tara Taylor. “This partnership has displayed the importance of this and speaks to the power that we have in coming together.”
This collective impact partnership meets several of the goals of our Sustainable Communities initiative promoting community education, community safety and providing a healthy environment in order to thrive.

New procurement platform

Ariba procure to pay banner


It's official! On April 27, we transitioned our procurement processes to the Ariba Network. This cloud-based procurement, spend management and supply chain services platform will make it easier for our suppliers and buyers to do business with SMUD. 

Since the launch of the Ariba Network, we’ve added over 7,000 suppliers to our registration portal. If you’ve registered previously as a supplier in the former Electronic Bid Solicitation System (EBSS) platform ), you’ll receive an e-mail invitation with a link register in the Ariba Network. Occasionally, an invitation gets sent to a SPAM folder, so please check your SPAM folder to make sure your invitation hasn’t been sent there. Make sure to open the invitation and register using the link within 30 days. After 30 days, the link will expire, and you’ll need to contact SMUD’s Supplier Enablement or a SEED team member for another invite. If you’ve never registered with SMUD as a supplier, send an email to with your first name, last name, email, company name and phone number. This is a significant transition and we appreciate your attention to registering as soon as possible so you can easily access new solicitation opportunities. 

Suppliers will need to re-register for the SEED program. It’s important to completely fill out the “Diversity Section” of the SMUD registration to avoid any delay. For quick supplier registration tips, go to

As we continue to fully transition to the Ariba Network., we’ve created a resource page specifically for you. These resources can be found on the Small Business Incentive Program page. We’ll continue to update this page with Ariba information as we go. 

If you're interested in holding a virtual training for your organization, we’re available to help! Please contact us at

Please share this information with anyone interested in doing business with SMUD. If you have any questions, please email

Brighton Energy, Inc.

Brighton Energy is a small, nimble company and a SMUD SEED vendor focused on helping customers deploy Distributed Energy Resources (efficiency, renewable self-generation, demand response, conservation, and energy monitoring). Brighton Energy’s first experience with the SMUD SEED Program began in 2015 when the company was awarded a subcontract to assist with the implementation of SMUD’s Complete Energy Solutions (CES) program.

Over its initial four-year contract period, Brighton Energy delivered technical expertise and leveraged local relationships to assist the prime contract holder in exceeding SMUD’s business objectives and program goals ΜΆ providing SMUD with maximum impact for the program’s budget. This success and strong commitment to customer satisfaction led Brighton Energy to securing a contract for 37% of the current (2020-2024) SMUD CES program. In addition, the company has continued its success as a SEED participant in bids supporting other SMUD programs including commercial and residential energy efficiency and electrification programs, retail efficiency and recycling initiatives, multi-family program support and more.

Marie Krisa, President of Brighton Energy, shared, “By knowing SMUD’s objectives and the needs of the Sacramento community, the SEED vendor can help guide the Prime in forming strategy and narrative for bid responses.”  

Krisa adds, “SMUD’s annual Meet the Buyers & Business Resource Expo provides a friendly and professional environment for Prime Contractors and SEED Vendors to network, learn more about the SEED Program, meet key representatives from community resources (SBA, BERC, etc.) and engage with SMUD staff.” Brighton Energy participates in this event each year and believes new SEED vendors can benefit from this opportunity to network with successful SEED vendors. See below for details on this year’s virtual Meet the Buyers & Business Resource Expo coming soon. 

On SMUD’s behalf, Brighton Energy helps over 100 Sacramento-area companies to implement practical, incentivized projects, which enable them to spend less on energy and more on their core business operations.

"The SMUD SEED program and staff have been an integral part of the growth of Brighton Energy and undoubtedly many other Sacramento area small businesses."  - Marie Krisa, President, Brighton Energy, Inc.

Now accepting Shine Award applications from local nonprofits

Applications are now open and will be accepted through July 27, 2020. 

Apply now

Shine Awards are available to nonprofits located in and serving communities in our service area, like the Wellspring Women's Center. Learn more about Shine

Funding levels

  •   Spark:  Up to $10,000
  •   Amplifier:  $10,001 - $50,000
  •   Transformer:  $50,001 - $100,000

If awarded, recipient nonprofits must match funds for their project as follows:

  • Spark:  50% match
  • Amplifier and Transformer:  100% match

Collaborative projects and joint applications between nonprofits are encouraged.

Virtual event coming soon!

SMUD Meet the Buyers & Small Business Expo

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Upcoming projects

In-person surveys, interviews, data collection
Project development support
MSA for ServiceNow professional services and leased employee resources


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Recently awarded SEED contracts

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