Grid Strategy & Operations

Grid Operations

Grid Operations consists of the assets which remotely control/monitor fuel to generation sources and operate, manage and deliver generated electrical energy to SMUD's distribution system. Grid Operations also operates the Balancing Authority that includes transmission/generation facilities for WAPA, USBR, City of Roseville, City of Redding, Modesto Irrigation District, and the 500kV COTP, which stretches SMUD's operational control from the California-Oregon border to south of Modesto.

Mark Willis, Director

Grid Planning

Grid Planning develops short-term and long-term system plans for SMUD's transmission and distribution grid to meet load serving capability, reliability and regulatory compliance requirements.

Maria Veloso Koenig, Director

Distributed Energy Strategy

The Distributed Energy Strategy team defines and implements corporate strategies to seamlessly integrate distributed energy sources such as rooftop solar, energy efficiency, storage, demand response and electric transportation into SMUD's grid while maintaining reliability.

Rachel Huang, Director

Distribution System Operations

Distribution Operations is responsible for delivering energy to SMUD’s retail customers and directing the safe and reliable operation of SMUD’s Distribution System.

Lora Anguay, Director

Energy Trading & Contracts

Energy Trading & Contracts is responsible for the development, procurement and administration of long, medium and short-term power, electric transmission and natural gas contracts. This department also manages the day-to-day dispatch of generation resources and market trading activities to maintain adequate, cost-effective supplies of natural gas to SMUD's thermal generation units and electrical energy to customers.

Jon Olson, Director