Energy Delivery

Line Assets

Line Assets is responsible for delivering energy to SMUD's retail customers, operating the distribution system, including emergency response; designing and constructing new services, and designing, constructing, modifying and maintaining SMUD's transmission and distribution systems.

Attila Miszti, Director

Power Generation

Power Generation provides a diverse supply of energy in a safe, reliable, efficient, environmentally, financially and legally responsible manner. This department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of SMUD's electricity generating assets including hydro, wind, thermal and solar as well as SMUD’s natural gas pipeline.

Ross Gould, Director

Commercial Development

As Sacramento’s community-owned electric service, SMUD helps fuel the region’s economic vitality.

Shari Little, Director

Substation, Telecommunications & Metering Assets

Substation, Telecommunications & Metering Assets manages substation, network, telecommunication, metering and transmission assets.

Mike Deis, Director

Energy Delivery Strategic Services

Strategic Services is responsible for the design and implementation of business process improvement strategies and solutions to increase operational efficiency across Energy Delivery. This group is also responsible for the Sacramento Power Academy (SPA), which trains SMUD’s Energy Delivery employees and offers external training to other utilities and our community.

Jason McAlister, Director