Small cell site application

Prior to submitting your small cell application power connection, please refer to the following links:

To start processing your application, please complete the small cell application, submit all required documents and include a $1,000 connection fee (a non-refundable design deposit). The deposit is required for us to begin design work on your project.

For stand antenna applications, there is a $100 fee for each additional antenna. For example, the connection fee for a strand antenna application with 4 antennas will be $1,300.

Start the application process

Applications can also be completed in person at our East Campus Operations Center located at 4401 Bradshaw Rd in Sacramento.

Your entire application package must be received before we can process it. Once received, it'll be routed to several SMUD departments to provide an initial review and to determine if your request is possible at your desired location.

When the review is complete, we'll provide a response either approving the initial review, allowing the process to continue forward, or denying the request. If the request is denied, we'll notify you of the reason(s). 

Site construction and power connection

After we approve your construction drawings, you'll need to take the approved drawings to the city and apply for your encroachment permit. After construction is completed, the city will need to perform an inspection of the wireless carrier’s electrical work. The inspection tag will be sent to our C-10 desk by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction. Once we receive it, we'll schedule a crew to power the connection.